Building Fluency

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Fluency is always an important part of speaking English. But what is fluency?

Many will tell you that fluency is “how well you speak” or “how fast you speak.” It’s neither. Fluency is simply how much time do you “pause” or stop in between your words. Can you speak without stopping? Do you find yourself stopping in between saying sentences? This is common and can easily be corrected. To lower the amount of pauses you make between sentences you need to learn “automated speech.” This is the phrases you say without “thinking.”

Let’s start simple….

In the film “Taxi Driver”, Robert DiNero plays a taxi driver who is trying to build his confidence. Like many learners of English, he wants to say his words with “meaning.” He wants people who understand him and respect what he has to say.

He practices this in a mirror. This is a great exercise for anyone wanting to improver their speaking.

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The man looks in the mirror and say’s “you talkin’ to me?”

To speak more fluently, you need to “blend “words together.

Read the words: Are you talking to me?   Say the words: Arutalkingtome?

If you say “arutalkingtome” without speaking fast, the fluency will improve.

I will go into why this is in the next post. Have fun with it!






Welcome to English Through Film

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Hello. Welcome to English Through Film (ETF). We will look at the many ways to improve English using film. I will give examples of common expressions, phrasal verbs and conversations. Also, I will post exercises that you can do to improve English skills. These posts are for students who are at the intermediate level and above. Teachers are also welcome to find ideas for their teaching.

All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. If there are any questions about film and English learning, please ask. Be sure to comment on posts so we can have great conversations and better understanding of the posts.

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to our journey……